Friday, September 08, 2006

The Short List

1) I think I'm getting another ear infection...that's what I get for going in the pool. Yuck.

2) My stupid boss chose to ignore my availability for not one, but two days in a row. This means that not only was I stuck closing last night and this evening, I had to cancel on my friend even though I committed to babysitting for her kids when she was still pregnant with the younger of the two!

It all makes me feel like busting up a Starbucks. (Mike Doughty like what?)

3) I'm cancelling my birthday this year, as in not having a celebratory gathering. No one cared last year, and it seems equally unimportant to anyone else but me this time around as well. I'll throw myself a one person fondue party. At least I know I'll show up.

4) School went well this week, but I'm still down a textbook. The shipping info hasn't been updated for five days now and I have no idea when the book is getting here. Googling for the poems that I need to write about is getting kind of old. Emailing the place I bought it from twice hasn't solved anything! Arrrgggghhh.

5) I don't know what to have for lunch today, but I know i have to drop several banana nut loaves off at the soup kitchen.


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